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Introducing Carol & Atef El Hawary

Carol & Atef El Hawary, Owners | Mr & Mrs Egypt Team

Carol and Atef are Mr & Mrs Egypt. Together, they design and implement all of the Egypt Tour Packages and Custom Egypt Tours.

Atef started working in the tourism sector when he was 22, which was… a few years ago now… After a successful career in tourism, Atef borrowed money to start his own tour company in 1988 as he believed he could create better experiences that showed off the very best Egypt had to offer.

From the beginning, he was highly successful; the knowledge and expertise he’d built up over his career helped him thrive, and it later helped him survive through the many challenges faced by tourism in Egypt in recent years. Then in 2014, Atef had an enormous stroke of good fortune: he met Carol.

Although born and brought up in Scotland, Carol has had a lifelong passion for Egypt that had begun when she was a young girl and had appreciated watercolour paintings brought back by her great-great-aunt who had visited Egypt around 1910(ish). Despite her penchant for Egypt, Carol hadn’t anticipated that, at the age of 49, she would end up married to an Egyptian and living in Cairo… But life has many strange and wonderful surprises.

Carol’s first few years in Egypt were spent in the education sector, but when the company shut down in 2020 it seemed like the perfect opportunity to join Atef in running the tour company, fulfilling a lifelong dream to work in and with Egypt’s unparalleled cornucopia of ancient history, architecture, and mythology.

Carol and Atef’s Combined Escorted Tours of Egypt

This has turned out to be a match made in heaven as Carol’s and Atef’s passion and aptitudes allow them to design escorted tours in Egypt like no other travel company. Atef’s extraordinary local knowledge and connections allow him to source almost anything guests could possibly need. And Carol’s leadership, organization, and technical skills enable Mr & Mrs Egypt to take advantage of the many new opportunities that technology has brought to the tourism sector.

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