Meet the Team

Meet the Mr & Mrs Egypt Team

We couldn’t operate Mr & Mrs Egypt without our exceptional team, they allow Atef to Drink Tea and Know Things, and Carol to come up with lots of unusual tour ideas. We would like to introduce them to you.

Amr | Mr & Mrs Egypt Team

Amr Ali

Operations Manager

Amr is an operations and technology whizz kid with a background in education and banking. He came to Mr & Mrs Egypt when it became obvious that we were going to need someone to manage the day-to-day operations. Having worked with Carol before, she knew his capabilities, and he is now a vital member of the team. He has overall responsibility for ensuring that all our customers’ needs are met and wishes fulfilled.

Taghreed El Saidy, Event manager & Executive Assistant | Mr & Mrs Egypt Team

Taghreed El Saidy

Customer Service Manager

Taghreed was our first employee and her ability to make things happen has made her an integral part of the team. Being multi-talented, she takes on many different roles within the company. When she and Carol first met, her ability to get stuff done shone through. She is now branching out and developing her artistic skills for the benefit of the company.

Mohamed | Mr & Mrs Egypt Team

Mohamed El Hawary

Customer Service Officer

Mohamed does the hard work of pulling everything together to ensure that our customers experience their dream holiday. Being part of the family, he learned the trade at his father’s knee and has tourism in his blood. He cares deeply about customers and does what it takes to make sure they are having the holiday of their dreams.

Mostafa Gaber, Hotel Agent | Mr & Mrs Egypt Team

Mostafa Gaber

Hotel Agent

Mostafa has an incredible knowledge of hotels in Egypt, gained over many years working in the tourism sector, and is a wizard at negotiating excellent deals. He has worked with us for over 25 years, and we are lucky to have with us someone of his experience.

Mona Fathy, Office Assistant | Mr & Mrs Egypt Team

Mona Fathy

Office Assistant

Mona originally worked in Atef’s hotel, but when we opened the new offices for Mr & Mrs Egypt, we knew she had to come with us due to her ability to keep everything running smoothly. She has a range of duties, which together can be described as ‘keeping Carol in coffee and the show on the road’.

Islam Wahid, Finance Officer | Mr & Mrs. Egypt Team

Islam Wahid

Finance Officer

Islam has the unenviable task of looking after the Mr & Mrs Egypt finances, and he does a great job. Having worked in various sectors as finance officer, he came to Mr & Mrs Egypt with a wealth of experience that we are putting to good use.

Layla Walid Operations Assistant at Mr & Mrs Egypt

Layla Walid

Operations Assistant

Layla is our Operations Assistant, supporting Amr with all our technology and back-office functions. She is Syrian and comes to us with a background in accountancy and sales.

Mina Aziz - Customer Service Officer at Mr & Mrs Egypt

Mina Aziz

Customer Service Officer

Mina joins us with a strong background in customer service and technology. He also likes to travel which is ideal for a tour company! He makes it his mission to ensure that our customers have the best possible experience during their time in Egypt.

Lola, Mascot | Mr & Mrs Egypt Team


Egyptian Warrior Goddess

Lola was found as a tiny kitten on the streets of Cairo, and is descended from the great warrior goddess, Sekhmet (or so she tells everyone). She allows Carol and Atef to live in her house, along with her other five feline companions. Strong and fearless, she is our inspiration and our muse.

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