Abu Simble Temple

Guide to Visiting Aswan in Egypt

Perhaps above any other African country, Egypt is a bucket-list destination in the hearts of many. Beyond visiting the iconic Pyramids, it is Egypt’s cities that travelers’ imaginations visit first, exploring temples, riding on camels, and sailing down the Nile on a felucca.  Out of the many cities in Egypt, we sometimes hear more about...
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Guide to Cruising the Nile

Your Cairo Travel Guide for Planning the Perfect Visit

Cairo, the heart of Egypt, has far more to offer than pyramids and the Nile. Here’s a quick guide to some of the highlights the city offers. Find out more!
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Guide to Abu Simbel

Learn all about Abu Simbel with Mr & Mrs Egypt. Find out more about these incredible ancient structures and work out how to add Abu Simbel to your trip!
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An Introduction to Egypt’s Karnak Temple Complex

Discover one of Ancient Egypt's most exciting and enigmatic destinations with Mr & Mrs Egypt’s introduction to Karnak. Find out more or book your trip today!
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